Show "graded" and "not yet graded" quiz score separately

Idea created by Lisa Malins on Oct 18, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Eleanor Tecosky-Feldman
    • Tim Maw
    • Dylan Fenton

    At the end of a quiz, Canvas will attempt to show students their score even if not all of the questions have been graded. For example, in a mixed quiz, the multiple choice and True/False questions will be graded instantly while the short answer questions need to be reviewed by the instructor.


    However, this often shows a score that is frighteningly low! I took a quiz with 1 multiple choice question and 8 short answer and had a mini heart attack when Canvas told me I got 10/90... with a tiny footnote "some questions not yet graded."


    Screenshot of misleading Canvas quiz grade


    I propose that for mixed quizzes, Canvas report something like this:


    10/10 points instantly graded

    80 points not yet graded

    90 total