Account Notification for Web Conference Invitation

Idea created by Jackie Hughes on Oct 21, 2019
    Open for Voting

    We would like you to add an account notification option for Conferences to allow students to opt out of the notification that is sent out by default when a conference is CREATED.  Account notifications currently only has notifications for recordings.


    Account Notification Conferences Section



    The system currently send the Email by default and coincidentally, the Email gives an opportunity to update notification settings - except there is not an option to update this particular notification.  Below is a copy of the Email I got.


    Example of the Email Notification sent when a new web conference is set up.


    It seems that the Web Conference Invitation that is sent out is somehow related to Collaborations set up according to these two screen shots below ( which come from the Notification documentation: ). I would like you to un-tether the Conferences notification from Collaborations and make it so people can go to Account Notifications and turn it off if they want to.


    Invitation Settings for Web Conferences.

    Conferences settings