Outcomes - Rating Title and Description in Rubric

Idea created by Eric Hills on Oct 22, 2019
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    • Martin Cockroft
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    • Eric Hills
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    Outcomes are a fantastic tool in building rubrics. Unfortunately, there's some inconsistencies in how criterion created within a rubric function compared to Outcomes. Below is an example of a rubric. The top criterion includes titles for each rating and a longer description. For the Outcome, there is simply a bolded description of the criterion. 

    Screenshot of Rubric

    When grading in the Teacher App, the longer description is displayed for the regular criterion. For the Outcome, only the first few characters are displayed. 


    My proposal: update Outcomes so that you can create a title for each rating separately from the description of that rating. This will help make grading easier in the Teacher App and will also make for a more consistent user experience when using Outcomes and Rubrics.