Display student name while taking quiz

Idea created by Keith Nabozny on Oct 22, 2019
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    I monitor my students while they are taking exams from the instructor workstation to make sure they are not cheating. However, I cannot tell who the student is that is taking a particular quiz or exam just by looking at the screen. I can only determine who the student is based on the desk they are sitting at and knowing their name. If I catch a student cheating, I can take screenshots of their behavior, but none of the screenshots will display their name while they are in the quiz or exam in Canvas. Also, if someone else is proctoring the exam (like a substitute teacher) they may not know all of the students by name and would have to ask them to identify themselves in order for the cheating incident to be recorded properly.


    This is a problem.


    Canvas should clearly display the student's full name somewhere on the screen (maybe the left menu bar?) so that it is clear who is logged into Canvas and taking the quiz or exam.