A more explanatory text about the start of the late session on the submission page

Idea created by Stefania Axo on Oct 25, 2019
    Open for Voting

    When the late session starts on the submission page you can see in black characters something like:

    'Available Sep 29 at 8am - Oct 15 at 7:59am 16 days'

    On the left top corner something like

    'Due  Monday by 7:59am' 


    if you submit the file in the late session the page will show AFTER you submit it that you are late, where the word late is in 'red' color.


    If you are not aware of the late policy and you just read the 'Available' string, you may end up thinking that you have more time. 

    Those misunderstanding errors can cause more problems with multiple submission, where you are submitting more for a slight correction than a real submission.


    The page, as it is, lacks of feedback to the user that the 'late session' has started. I would suggest the following:

    1. show a string like 'Available Sep 29 at 8am - Oct 15 at 7:59am 16 days - Late session has started 3 hours 16 min ago'

    2. the 'late' word should be red to be consistent with the label after the submission

    3. optionally, a pop-up message on the final submit page to notify of the late penalty...especially for multiple submssions where a late submission may be only a rewording of a previous submssison.