Track changes of exercises

Idea created by Anders Brakestad on Oct 29, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto

    When correcting essays and reports from students, we often don't approve them on the first try. The students therefore upload a second version. As instructurs in any decently sized course, we have to correct a lot of essays, and remembering our previous annotations is impossible. It would be very time-saving if Canvas offered a feature for showing the differences between two different versions of the same document. That way we could quickly identify the sections of the essay where the changes have been made. The workflow for this now is to open the previous version of the essay, look through the annotations, and then go back to the most recent version. Alternatively open both versions in different tabs in the browser, but this is also not ideal.


    I think a "Track changes" or "Show differences" feature would be much appreciated by instructors, and would potentally save us a lot of time in the long run.