Background Color for Text Headers

Idea created by Susan Wright on Oct 31, 2019

    In Modules for a long units or assignments the headings begin to blur together with their assignments for our students.  It would be great if we could choose background colors or color code the Text Headers inside our modules so the sections stand out from the documents and items within it.  Think of how powerful a red folder is in a filing cabinet drawer filled with all manila and grey folders?








    Why not capitalize on our students quick scan reading for items and direct their attention to different sections within the Modules by using color?  This would also allow educators to set up a key code system so that no matter what module students are in they can easily find the Homework Assignment from In-Class Writing Assignment within a single Module by looking under the YELLOW marker for HW or the ORANGE marker for In-class, not to mention how easy it would be to distinguish the online readings the BLUE header from the other two,  because they are not just in the same space but under a different colored header?