LTI Textbook as Functional Area

Idea created by Dr. Kyle Jones on Oct 30, 2019

    As we move into an era where we are increasingly using LTI "deep links" to textbook content, we find that the links to that content are "cluttering up" modules on the home page.  One textbook title that we use, for example, has over 2000 LTI links that it adds on import.  As a result, a teacher might see something like this:


    Long List of LTI Links


    And that's only a small portion of this particular textbook!




    I'd like to have "Textbook" as a functional area, much like we have Discussions, Grades, etc.  In this area, there would be the ability to have a nested, module-like structure so that, for example, one could click on "Chapter 1" and get only the links for Chapter 1.




    The current design is untenable, as a page with 2000+ links takes a very long time to load.