Conversation Message Sent by Me Notification

Idea created by Tim Kato on Oct 31, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Tim Kato
    • Jenny Wong
    • Rob Ditto
    • Martine Gauthier
    • Mark Turin

    The premise of this Idea is around the limited scope of the notification type "Conversation Created by Me"








    We would like to suggest that there be a notification type "Conversation Message Sent by Me" instead of "Conversation Created by Me" - the scope should be expanded to include all messages sent by the user, not just those sent in the process of initiating a new conversation.

    For example:
    Instructor messages student, creating a new conversation -> instructor gets notified
    Student replies -> instructor gets notified
    Instructor replies -> instructor has no way of getting notified currently. This Idea would address this








    This is similar to the concept of "always bcc myself" on an email, which some users tend to want. This notification should probably default to off similar to how it is for "Conversation Created by Me" currently.