Studio user list should match Canvas user list

Idea created by Amy Ward on Nov 1, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Gretchen Anderson
    • Amy Ward

    In order for a faculty member or student to use Studio they first need to be added to a course in Canvas.  That adds them to the user list in Studio.  We would like to see the user list for Studio match the user list for Canvas.  We pay for these users to have access to both, I shouldn't have to add them to a course just for them to use the tool.  It causes people to use other tools because they just assume they do not have access and don't know to contact us.  If necessary, maybe you could have the authorize option come up when they click on the Studio button and take them to the tool instead of telling them Page not found.




    Example:  Grad student works for me, but is not taking any courses.  I am having this person create videos for my course, but they do not have access to Studio unless I first add them to a course.