Canvas Studio: Automatically upload new video files from a designated local folder

Idea created by Justin Carrell on Nov 5, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Doug Hanna
    • Nathan Kunz

    Instructure should consider creating a windows system service that would utilize the Canvas Studio APIs to automatically upload video files to an instructor's studio account. The service would watch for file changes from a designated folder on their machine and upload all supported files to Canvas Studio. 


    One use case would be if a teacher had a zoom meeting and recorded the meeting. The file produced by zoom renders out as an mp4.


    If the teacher selected the zoom recording folder as a folder to watch, the service would automatically upload any new zoom recording to Canvas Studio. This is just one use case. I'm sure there are others where such a service would be valuable.


    For reference, Panopto has built something similar for their hosted video solution: Watch a folder for new video files and upload them to Panopto with a service.