Changing grading policy on unpublished assignments

Idea created by Helen Saar on Nov 5, 2019
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    • Steven Schwamenfeld
    • Rob Ditto
    • Maki Sumitani
    • Maeve McCooey
    • Rasha Shaheen
    • Todd Van Zandt

    Currently Gradebook does NOT allow teachers to change grading policy to manual when the assignment/quiz/exam is not yet published. When I am preparing/updating exams I start with an older version and change questions/problems and then publish it say 2 days from the date I prepared it. My exams are at Testing center on Canvas and I try to prepare them ahead of time before I do exam review.  But this way canNOT change grading policy to manual until the exam is actually published. That means I have to remember to log into Canvas before 8am (when exams open) and change grading policy. As I canNOT change it AFTER students have already taken exam. With lectures and travels this is usually NOT possible, which means this whole semester all my exams have published to students right away not allowing me to make changes during grading! 

    This upsets my students and upsets me. I feel I am punished by grading policy changes for having big an active user of Canvas and now I have to pretty much redo everything in my classes.

    Help from Canvas has been minimal other than blaming me for and referencing a link to the definition of icons.