Message students who: Copy co-instructor on messages to students from Gradebook

Idea created by Patricia Clason on Nov 6, 2019
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    • Justin Carrell

    I teach with a co-instructor and would like to be able to add my co-instructor as a recipient of the email I sent notifying students that they are behind or incomplete on an assignment. This option is not currently available. A master setting in the class might do the trick - that instructors could turn on or off the CC to their co-instructor. 

    Going to the inbox from the gradebook adds an extra step that really should be unnecessary. While I know it allows for two recipients of the email, I have to search for the student from a long list of past students and then type in the co-instructor's email address. Very inefficient and time-consuming when emailing multiple students.

    I'm thinking there has to be a simple solution to this!! #emailing students #cc emails #co-instructors