Anonymous Assessment:Downloaded scripts have meaningful identifiers

Idea created by Dave Barber on Nov 8, 2019
    Open for Voting

    Issue:  Many teaching staff involved in marking are either obliged to or prefer to mark "offline".  Submissions are routinely download for printing or saved locally.  Where we are dealing with large cohorts these are typically downloaded as a batch and prepared by a third party, particularly where there is an occupational health issue.  As we move to anonymous marking we note that the scripts are attributed a filename that appears to be randomly generated and does not correspond to the student number in Speedgrader.  This means that, once the assignments are downloaded, there is no ready way of locating them on Speedgrader and an extraordinarily laborious process of matching is required when providing grades and feedback.


    Solution:  We would suggest that the files, when they are downloaded, could be given a filename that contains the student number (e.g. student_17) that is allocated to that student in speedgrader when the names are hidden.  This would bring the process into line with what currently happens with non-anonymous assessments. Here the student's name is part of the filename so this proposal is simply to replace the name with the student number rather than an apparently random sequence of letters.