Flexibility in calculating and displaying outcome grades

Idea created by Lisa White-McNulty on Nov 12, 2019

    I would like to be able to have more options to calculate final grades. For example I have 4 assessment that measure mastery of an outcome. One is a project and 3 are discussions. I think the project should be weighted more but it is the 3rd assessment chronologically. So if I use decaying average, the 3rd discussion post is weighted more, or I have to weight them equally.


    Also, it would help the students if an outcome is calculated by 'number of times mastery' if this was shown in their gradebook. Currently students see their grade as Not Mastered even though they have mastery scores for the assessments completed. Alternatively, a link to the Learning Outcome from their gradebook would make it easier for students to see exactly which assessments are link to each outcome and how the calculation is made.