Add functionality to print the calendar from within Canvas

Idea created by DRBROOKS on May 4, 2015
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    Please consider adding functionality to print the calendar from within Canvas. I have heard several other students comment on desiring this feature at my school. It makes it easier to post on a bulletin board at home and keep up with assignments. (PDF would be my first thought). Within browser would be fine too as long as the format was readable.


    In addition how are periodic discussion posts put into the calendar?


    Example: Initial post due by Wednesday, Reply due by Friday, Final posts due by Sunday, etc.


    Thank You.



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    January 2016 update from Allison Weiss

    Liesl Wuest, I'm adding your idea to my list of wishlist items for the Scheduler. Printing the calendar is something we would like to reconsider at a later date. I will archive this thread for now, but feel free to add additional comments and context for how this feature would improve your daily workflows.