Commons Admin - CSV Stats Download

Idea created by Robert Carroll on Nov 22, 2019
    Open for Voting
    • Robert Carroll

    This file has a lot of potential, but has 2 issues making it not very useful.

    1. The downloaded file doesn't contain a column like the on screen table with resources source course id
      I'd like this to contain the Canvas Course ID, as seen in CD course_dim.canvas_id
      or the the resolved Course URL of the Canvas Instance, not the LOR redirect, which can be used to extract the :course_id
      I'd like this column so that I can link the resource and usage stats to the source course id in Canvas Data
    2. The file doesn't contain a column with the resource id
      This just makes sense to deal with the data locally.
      It would also help to update the resource via API without having to start by fetching them from the API.
      Note, that it's very hard to find the Resource ID within Commons as the URL is fixed to the external tool.