View All Submissions for A Specific Assignment

Idea created by Robert Payne on Dec 4, 2019
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Robert Payne
    • Marian Dunbar
    • Michelle Souvannachack

    I'm having a number of teachers consistently asking for a "View All Submissions" page for assignments where they can view the details of each student's submissions in more depth. They want to be able to see things like files uploaded, date submitted, how late it was submitted and other details all in one screen without having to go through each student in the speedgrader one by one.hat the


    There are some features in the markbook view that gets a little bit of this info too but is presented in one column amongst every other assignment in the course. But this is too minimal for what many of the teachers want and it can get hard once there are many more assignments and other tasks showing up in the same markbook. 


    Here's a screenshot I found online of the kind of page they want from another LMS that has something like what we want to see in Canvas.