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Idea created by Ashley Anderson on Dec 16, 2019
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    Challenge: Surveys still look like quizzes

    In the current version of Canvas (December 2019), students have to click a button that says 'Submit Quiz' to submit a survey. Surveys also turn up in the Quiz area. It's possible to add a text instruction reassuring students that a survey is a survey, not a quiz, but because surveys are built on the Quizzes feature, the UI might cause confusion.


    It also seems that the survey feature will not be included in New Quizzes, and may go away entirely in 2020 as a result. This timing might give Instructure an opportunity to redesign the survey function.


    Idea: True surveys

    Create a true survey function in Canvas, one which is distinctly a survey rather than a quiz, at least from the student's perspective. (For example, students would click 'Submit Survey' rather than 'Submit Quiz', and ideally not find the survey in the Quizzes area.)


    Keep the survey function available after the switch from "Quizzes" to "New Quizzes".



    I have noticed these two related bits of information on the Canvas Community:

    They seem to imply that the existing survey functionality will go away.


    Community members might also be interested in the following pages, which show how the survey is experienced like a quiz:


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