New Grade Book sort function

Idea created by Tim Samartino on Jan 3, 2020
    Open for Voting
    • Sarah Renfrow
    • Jennifer Hogan

    Please bring back the ability to sort grade book columns by clicking on the column header.  In the new grade book, you now have to click three times to accomplish what was previously completed in a single click.  Now you have to click the three dots to open the menu, select sort, then select ascending or descending.


    It was much, much, much better to be able to toggle ascending/descending sort by simply clicking once on the column header.  This way one could view the high/low for the class as a whole and individual assignments by just scrolling through the grade book and clicking on each column header twice (once to see the top, and once more to see the bottom). 


    This update has tripled the amount of clicks required without adding any new functionality to this feature.