Direct Share: Select Assignment Group to Copy Into

Idea created by Audra Agnelly on Jan 9, 2020
    Open for Voting

    Direct Share is coming to the production environment as part of the 1/18/2020 release. I think this is an awesome feature and will really streamline the sharing of content between courses and colleagues. When copying content, the new interface gives you the option to add the resource to an existing module in the receiving course. I'd also like to see an option to add the resource to an existing assignment group. Right now, when you copy an assignment, it is placed into the Imported Assignments group, so after the instructor initiates the copy, they need to go into the receiving course and place the assignment into the desired group. By selecting the assignment group when the copying process is initiated, this additional step would be eliminated. Since other assignment setting are maintained during copying (publish state, due date), an instructor may not need to take any further actions in the receiving course and copying can be a single step process.