New Quizzes: Check feature in quizzes

Idea created by Kimberly Cronen on Jan 9, 2020
    Open for Voting
    • Steven Schwamenfeld
    • Michael Farmer
    • Kimberly Cronen

    Moodle allows instructors to enable  a check feature so that while a student is taking a quiz, they can check to see if their answer is right or wrong. Instructors can add hints to help the students figure out the answers themselves. Students can make multiple attempts to try to get the answer right. Instructors can enable a penalty for this. It turns the quiz into more of a formative assessment, a learning exercise. It's effectively like having a coach next to them while they are taking the quiz and prevents them from reinforcing the wrong thing in their brains by doing something incorrectly thirty times in a row. Immediate feedback is SO valuable. Please add this feature.