Posting Announcements on Behalf of other Users or Posting Anonymously

Idea created by Megan Radcliff on Jan 9, 2020
    Open for Voting
    • Megan Radcliff
    • Rob Ditto
    • Lucas Heberlie
    • Steven Xiao
    • Barb Norton
    • Jane Stone
    • Carrie Stoll
    • Richard Viehmann

    This a repeat of a feature request regarding the ability to post announcements on behalf of instructors so they will appear to participants as faculty posted announcements. A "posted on behalf of" or anonymous feature would be a great option for those that support faculty in course maintenance and delivery. 


    Another option could be to allow support roles to create announcements and 'save as draft' for the instructor to then go in and officially post or publish as themselves. 


    We have several faculty that would benefit from this enhancement as many of them serve other roles within the university, I'm sure many other institutions have this same practice.