Speedgrader: Feedback comments to individual submissions just disappear when students are not part of a group

Idea created by Ruth Horak on Jan 13, 2020
    Open for Voting
    • Lise Stenbæk
    • Maria Thorell
    • Rob Ditto
    • Henrik Kaas
    • Ruth Horak

    There is an issue withSpeedgrader and students who are not part of a group in group assignments. They can still submit assignments, but the speedgrader works differently. Comments on assignments are not saved (so it seems) - they just disappear, causing instructors to re-post the same comment several times.

    This behaviour is quite confusing. Since both students and teachers experience that individual submission are possible in a group assignment, none of them is prepared for the problems arising when grading the submission. Usually, the general assumption is that it is perfectly fine for individual student to submit assignments despite the group setup.

    But when it comes to grading, the speedgrader behaves differently - and the behaviour does not seem logical. 


    Although the comments very often can be found when accessing them through the gradebook, users become confused and unsettled when they watch comments disappear without any explanation or information. 


    Please make it possible to comment on individual submissions in group assignments via Speedgrader, also in cases where the student is not part of any group.