Show module navigation at left

Idea created by Treela McKamey on Jan 14, 2020

    Currently, when a user is viewing any content within a module, it is so easy to get lost because when you have the content open in a frame, you cannot see where it fits within the module(s). We need to have the module outline that you can see on the Modules home page continue to be viewable on a sidebar while the user is navigating through the content in a module. 


    Ideally, I would prefer to see the entire outline of all modules, but even seeing the outline of at least the module you are in would be better. There is plenty of space for a sub-side bar, either left or right side when you are viewing content.


    It would even be an improvement if, instead of just having a "back" and "next" button, you could also see something like "page 3 of 6" at the bottom or top. 


    The bread crumb trail at the top is not helpful for two reasons: (1) It doesn't work if you open a page. When you open a page from inside a module, the bread crumb trail says you're in Pages. It would be better if it said which module you were in. (2) It doesn't ever tell you WHICH module you are in, and (3) you can't jump around within a module from that page or from that bread crumb trail (especially when it incorrectly/correctly tells you you're actually in Pages). The only way to switch content within the module is to go "back" using the browser's back button so that you can see the module content and pick which one you want to view, or progress linearly and fairly blindly using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the module frames. And by the way, going back to Modules using the browser's back button also forces you to start from the top again, every time. I hate this! 


    I can't believe this hasn't been suggested and doesn't already exist. This frustrates me as a student and a teacher to no end, and it's the main reason I don't like Canvas.