Include "secondary information" in assignment submission download file names

Idea created by Luke Prather on Jan 23, 2020
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • Luke Prather

    The current assignment submission download functionality includes students' names (lastnamefirstname) and the unique Canvas ID number. Since names are not always unique and the Canvas ID number is only unique in Canvas (not our SIS, etc.), identifying which file belongs to which student is challenging and slow. (exporting the gradebook to get the Canvas ID number is a clunky workaround)


    Canvas made a great addition to the Canvas gradebook by allowing instructors to display/sort "secondary information" (username, SIS ID, section name and integration ID).  I would like to see Canvas include whichever secondary information is selected in the gradebook as part of the file names for any downloaded student submissions. This change would allow instructors to use these additional identifiers to uniquely identify student submissions.


    secondary user information in the canvas gradebook