New Quizzing: Multiple Correct Answers for Matching Questions

Idea created by James Monaco on Feb 13, 2020
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    • Kimzey McGrath
    • Steven Schwamenfeld
    • Rob Ditto
    • James Monaco

    We run into a lot of "conceptual question" issues with the current quiz options, where there shouldn't be exactly one answer choice (or one set of choices that equal a correct answer). In order to ask reasonably meaningful questions, it should be possible to assign full credit if any one of multiple "acceptable answers" are selected.


    For example, here's the setup for a Matching Question.

    Indicate the type of activity each of the following transaction represents operating cash, investing cash, or financing cash for the purpose of reporting the cash flow statement.


    Sold goodsOperating Cash
    Purchased buildingInvesting Cash

    Issued capital stock

    Financing Cash

    Paid cash dividends

    Financing Cash

    Purchased treasury stock

    Financing Cash

    Paid interest on loan

    Operating Cash

    Paid bond principal

    Financing Cash


    In the question above, the student could reasonably make the case that "Paid interest on loan" is reported as either Operating Cash or Financing Cash. There is currently no way to permit that either possible choice is valid as a match.


    The interface for this would be something like below:

    multiple matching options beside an answer



    We like the question method, but need a bit of flexibility with the responses!