New Quizzing: Multiple Correct Answers for Multiple Choice Questions

Idea created by James Monaco on Feb 14, 2020
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto
    • Andrea G Schmidt
    • Terry Lease
    • Kristie Wood

    We run into a lot of "conceptual question" issues with the current quiz options, where there shouldn't be exactly one answer choice (or one set of choices that equal a correct answer). In order to ask reasonably meaningful questions, it should be possible to assign full credit if any one of multiple "acceptable answers" are selected.


    With multiple choice type questions, we can do something like:

    • Choice A
    • Choice B or C

    But this is essentially the same as 1 correct answer; it's attributing 2 elements to the correct solution.


    We have no method for using multiple choice to say "depending on your read of this case, there's two possible single answers you might choose."

    For example:

    Indicate the type of activity each of the following transaction represents--operating cash, investing cash, or financing cash--for the purpose of reporting the cash flow statement.

    1. Operating Cash
    2. Investing Cash
    3. Financing Cash


    In the example above, it is acceptable for the student to select either Operating Cash or Financing Cash; both can work, and further quiz questions examine the applications. Investing Cash is incorrect, so the key aspect of this question is determining whether the student correctly identifies at least one correct strategy.


    The interface for this feature already exists--check out Multiple Answer questions, where it's possible to toggle each text prompt with an arrow, designating "correct answer" versus "possible answer."


    multiple choice options using the multiple answer interface


    Using the same interface, we'd gain a powerful variation to assessment!