In the gradebook, let me view only the assignments given to teams (Student Groups)

Idea created by Rich Gordon on Feb 14, 2020
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    In my class, there are some assignments given to teams (Student Groups), and which are evaluated on a team basis.  (Every student on the team gets the same grade.)


    I would like to be able to filter the Gradebook to show *only* team-issued grades, and to show those grades for all teams at once.  This will enable me to see how these teams compare to one another on assignments given over the course of the course.


    Currently, you can look at grades by team, but what you see (screenshot attached) is *individual* grades for each team member.  What I want is to see ONLY the team-issued grades (not the grades given to individuals).  And to be able to compare the team-issued grades for each team -- so let me look at all team-issued grades for all teams.  


    Down the left side of the gradebook you would see each team ... each column in this view would be an assignment that was graded on a team basis, and you could see how the team grades compared to each other for each of those assignments.