Attendance Roll Call Assignment as Option

Idea created by Moses Wolfenstein on Feb 19, 2020
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    • Rob Ditto
    • Valentine Cadieux
    • Thomas Liwosz
    • Moses Wolfenstein

    At our institution attendance is never allowed to be part of the grading scheme. This is not uncommon, especially in higher education. Most of my faculty don't check settings until after they've run into a problem, and even then they usually don't know where to find (let alone change) a setting until they've come to me after there's an issue. It's also uncommon for them to know that there are individual settings for an LTI app, and in the instance of Roll Call they aren't actually aware that it's not just part of the LMS. The workarounds for removing Attendance Roll Call as a graded assignment are also confusing to many faculty members and rightfully so since the tool is extremely finicky. 


    There needs to be an option when setting up Attendance Roll Call to include or exclude it from gradebook for institutions where attendance needs to be tracked but used for enrollment management and not grades. Attendance Roll Call provides information in the app that an instructor can use to see each student's actual attendance, and it has its own export CSV if this is needed by the institution for records or if an instructor wants to see the whole class (the latter could admittedly be improved on, but that's a separate topic). In gradebook, the actual attendance count isn't visible and the percentage isn't useful if your attendance policy is determined by percentage of attendance against the total possible days the course meets. The score displayed in gradebook is, for similar reasons, not useful for institutional record keeping.


    I recognize this feature request is included in the larger idea Attendance Overhaul, but given how Instructure's development process works and the pace at which overhauls like Gradebook and Quizzes have been implemented, I'd like to see this idea considered independently so that it might happen sooner.