Integrate 3rd Party Group Applications Such As GroupMe into Canvas Student Groups

Idea created by Alex Andersen on Feb 26, 2020
    Open for Voting
    • Rob Ditto

    In my experience as a student, instructors love to assign us to groups in Canvas for various reasons. As an LMS, I like that Canvas can keep track of all my assignments for all courses. A big area I think Canvas lacks in though is groups. In every course I've been in that has assigned groups, we introduce eachother here but then move on to another 3rd party platform such as GroupMe or use text messages and emails to swap documents and messages. Canvas already integrates with Google Docs, but I feel that beyond this it is missing out on an opportunity to be further integrated by also providing a real time communications platform outside of the existing messages system is has. Integrating 3rd party services such as GroupMe, which I would say 90% of college students use from group messages, can help keep everythign in one place and contained, especially when a group shares a link to a doc there that eventually needs submitted in Canvas.