Set decimal places displayed in the Gradebook total column

Idea created by Nicholas Brown on May 8, 2015
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    While the Canvas Gradebook does display out to the second decimal place (hundredths) when you hover over a score in the total column, the default display is rounded to the nearest tenth. Depending on how instructors prefer to round student scores, this "pre-rounding" could artificially inflate grades.


    For example:

    • A student has a 95.45%
    • Canvas Gradebook displays this as 95.5%
    • If the instructor rounds to the nearest point, the student would be rounded up to a 96%
    • If the Canvas Gradebook had shown out the second decimal place, the student would still only receive a 95%


    While an instructor can download the Gradebook and see out to the hundredths in the "Current Points" and "Final Points" columns, this still buries important information a layer deeper than need be.


    It would be ideal if Canvas gave the instructor the ability to set how many decimal places the Grade Book displays.


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    More information on this feature can be found at Canvas Studio: Two decimals in the total column

    The resolution can be found in the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-07-18)

    Weighted Assignment Group Rounding

    When the final grade is weighted based on assignment groups, the Gradebook summary column is rounded to two decimal places.

    Explanation: When an instructor enabled weighted assignment groups, the total column rounded to only one decimal place. This behavior occurred because the column was not coded to round with the weighted setting enabled. Canvas code has been updated to round to two decimal places regardless of the weighted assignment group setting.