Allow account admins to set default course navigation menu

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    It would be great if we could set a default course navigation menu to hide additional tools unless instructors wanted to use them.


    With the increasing number of additional Canvas and third-party LTI integrations that add items to the course navigation, it can quickly grow to be daunting and intimidating. It would be great if we could set these items (Roll Call Attendance, SCORM, Lecture Capture and Publisher LTIs, etc.) to be automatically disabled in the navigation, but instructors could go in and enable them if they want to use them.


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    September 2015 Update from Cosme Salazar

    Thank you for the feedback. There are a few ways that schools have addressed this issue including copying a template course that automatically hides the unnecessary links or training teachers to only make the links that are frequently used visible. I can see the value in creating a default course navigation setting at the sub-account level, but this is not a project that we will be able to address in the next six months. I will revisit this feature as we plan additional work for the New Navigation that was recently released.