Option to show deactivated student's submission in SpeedGrader when assignment is anonymous

Idea created by Jonathan Ayto on May 18, 2020
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    • Jonathan Ayto



    It would be helpful if there was an option to show a deactivated student's submissions in SpeedGrader when the assignment is set as anonymous. The option is available in grades for non-anonymous submissions, but not currently for anonymous assignments. 


    We deactivate students to stop them having access to a course when they go on leave of absence (LOA). However if the student made a submission before they left, we would like their work to still show in SpeedGrader. Currently anonymous submissions from a deactivated student do not show for the marker, so the student misses an opportunity for their work to be marked. We would like the work to be marked, so the result is ready for them on their return. 




    Jonathan Ayto

    University of York