Continue Column Move Off-Screen in Gradebook

Idea created by christy coobatis on May 28, 2020
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    This idea is for the ability to move columns to an out of view column location in the Gradebook. #repaginate view@


    When grabbing a column to move it to a new location, it is not possible for the Gradebook to repaginate providing placement of the moved column into a new location presently out of view in terms of the order. For example it is not possible to move a column to an off screen location without scrolling the the destination into view first. Moving the last column forward stops at the last visible viewed column on the left.  Though there is a feature to "Move to Front" there is no feature to repaginate without sliding the scroll handle at the bottom of the window.


    To duplicate the process in Gradebook:


    1. Grab a visible grade column. (Click and hold)
    2.  Attempt to move it right or left to a location not presently visible. 
      • The selected column has reached the end of its travel now unable to be moved any further.
      • To move columns the column forward or backward in the order it is necessary to scroll the desired location into view and then click and move that column. #move columns