HTML editor option should persist when editing a discussion post

Idea created by Brandon Pousley on May 13, 2015
    • bdoran
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    The HTML editor is a terrific tool to have when composing a discussion post reply as a teacher or student. However, when editing a previous post, the HTML editor option is no longer available, forcing you to either live with the HTML code that was originally included or delete and repost. The HTML editor button should be persistent in the 'Edit Reply' view.


      Response from Instructure


    This has been resolved in the most recent Canvas Production Release

    HTML Help Option

    The HTML editor and help icon are visible when editing discussion replies.

    Explanation: When a user edited a discussion post, the HTML editor and help icon were being hidden from the page view. This behavior occurred because of an inconsistency in the keyboard shortcuts and HTML view settings. Canvas code has been updated to keep the HTML editor and help icon visible when editing discussion posts.