Make a file read-only but Not Downloadable in Canvas

Idea created by on May 13, 2015
    This was a feature request in the old forums that our faculty were particularly interested in (posted originally by Glen Parker)


    It would be helpful if it were possible to make a file visible by students, but for them not to be downloadable. I can see a few use cases for this feature, including a) copyrighted material and b) answers to final exams, etc.


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    October 2015 update from Cosme Salazar


    As is often the case, David Lyons is right on the money with how we are thinking about this feature request. Building a feature to "lock down" access to files would give teachers a false sense of security regarding access to their files. For many file types, there is no way to give a student the ability to open a file on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, without giving them the ability to download (and share that file). Any object shown on a computer can be copied with a screenshot or a picture taken on a camera phone. It is very unlikely we would ever develop this type of feature.


    If there are other use cases or workflows that could be used to meet a teacher's need to protect content. Please describe them in the comments.