Graduated Scoring for Quiz Questions

Idea created by johnpj on May 14, 2015
    On Beta
    This idea has been developed and is On Canvas Beta User Group: New Quizzes 


    Our faculty members would like to be able to provide graduated scoring on multiple choice Canvas quizzes.

    For example, for a quiz with 4 answers, the scoring might be as follows:


    A - 8 points

    B - 2 points

    C - 0 points

    D - 10 points


    Comments from Instructure


    This feature is now available through the new Quizzes LTI tool.  Find more information on the Quizzes LTI tool, and how to access it, at User Group: New Quizzes 


    The specific guide for this feature in the Quizzes LTI tool is How do I create a Multiple Choice question in Quizzes.Next?