Jive: Voting categories by institution type

Idea created by Brandon Belew on May 21, 2015
    • Dr Rimmer
    This idea has been developed and deployed to the Canvas Community


    Every idea is important in my opinion.   That said it seems that colleges have always seemed to use the community more than K12.    K12 and Colleges most likely have different needs, and in turn different feature suggestions.   Since there are most likely more college users on here voting, the K12 ideas get bumped to the bottom of the list.   I think it would be beneficial to create separate voting categories based on institution type so K12 ideas don't just automatically fall to the bottom of the list.   While i'm sure the developers are looking at every idea, an idea with no votes or very few votes since it's buried and the target audience doesn't have the numbers doesn't make it any less important in my opinion.