Back and Next buttons at top of module items

Idea created by Kevin Gordon on Jun 2, 2015
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    It would be very helpful if you could insert "Back" and "Next" buttons at the top of module item pages. This would eliminate the need to scroll down through long pages in order to move to the next module item. This is especially bothersome when I've minimized the size of my browser window.



    Comments from Instructure

    April 2016 update

    We're in the earliest stages but I did want to let all the voters on this thread know that we do want to provide users with a better way of moving through course content. We will likely not have anything during the next six months, but I did want to let you know that it's on our radar. Down with the eternal scroll!


    *Please continue to comment and add use cases.  Also, follow this thread to receive updates as they are available.