Option to omit selected assignments from Total Grade (Points based grading)

Idea created by Richard Eitel on Jun 5, 2015
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    Please allow the option to omit or not count certain assignment columns (for all students) toward the course grade.  This has a number of use cases addressing a number of common feature requests!


    For example:

    • Allows faculty to upload externally calculated columns (weighted scores, mid-term grades, etc) without modifying the course grade.
    • Allows posting of mid term grades or grades for just a single portion (or Module) of a larger course
    • Allows displaying both a group grade and an individual grade for differentiated group assignments (allows students to see the team score and there own weighted/adjusted indivudual score). In such case the individual grade could be used in the Final grade calculation and the team/group grade would be omitted.
    • Allows for mistakes/adjustments. For example an assignment or quiz with mistakes it (not all of us are perfect ) . Faculty could suppress an old version of an assignment and just count the new version (would also allow the faculty to manual override the revised assignment giving credit for the erroneous assignment as appropriate)


    NOTE: The above is possible in the % weighted grading schemes by creating one or more assignment groups with a weighting of zero. However, this capability goes away when using a points based grading scheme!

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