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Idea created by wrightan on Jun 10, 2015
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    It’d be really helpful if Canvas had a tool to issue a Certificate of Completion if all requirements for all modules have been met. This would be great for professional development courses. A tool that you could would be off by default in courses, but that you could turn on in professional development courses. For example, if a student completed all requirements for all modules, the instructor could go into the Certificate tool/grade book, see this "Completed" status, click a button, and have it automatically generate and email the student a copy of his/her certificate in HTML or PDF file format.



    It'd also be nice if you could brand the certificate and maybe even offer a variety of templates to choose from. Just an idea!


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    March 2016 update from Allison Weiss

    I agree with all of the voters on this thread that this would be a great feature! We are focused right now on a project for improving the pathways that students can take through a module that could make the certificate generation process really interesting (see Canvas Studio: Conditional Release). Once that project is complete and we have assessed the current state of modules this is something I think we should definitely consider supporting, at least in a way that would make it easier for third parties to generate certificates. Please keep your ideas coming around this. We'll archive for now.