Decimal Places in Quizzes

Idea created by Paul Tankovich on Jun 15, 2015
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    It would be nice if you could hide or select the number of decimals displayed when using the numerical response option in a quiz.


    Currently, if you are using the numerical response option, when you hit submit the answer adds a decimal point and displays four zeroes to the right of the decimal point. While this does not change the value, and I am sure it is part of the system's method of being accurate in checking that an answer is correct it can create issues for younger students. Younger students who have not yet learned about decimal points see their answer change when they submit and may believe that the computer is changing their response.


    Is there a way to hide the logic check, so the student does not see the conversion? or be able to turn off the conversion?


    There is a work around, that is more intensive on the teacher. If you want to avoid the display of the number changing you can opt to use the Fill in the Blank response type. This leads to the need to create multiple possible correct answers to include commas, which is why the numerical answer does the conversion no doubt. It just would be nice if the conversion was hidden from view of the student.


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