Commons Indicator in Canvas Courses

Idea created by Champion on Jun 22, 2015
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    I am trying out Canvas Commons in our Test Environment, and I shared my first piece of content (a simple wiki page) with just myself (privately).  After I submitted the content page to Commons, I returned to my sandbox course where the page came from, and I didn't see any kind of indicator on the page to let me know that I had shared that page to Commons.  Nor could I tell that I had also shared it with a second course of mine.  I think it would be helpful to see this information on the content within the course prior to entering the Commons environment.  Also, the reverse would be helpful, being able to tell what course a piece of imported content was taken from.


    If this is already possible, I would be interested in learning more.  Thanks.


    Comments from Instructure


    February 2016

    Agreed this would be a great bit of functionality that we think would be great to look at in the future. And certainly would improve the user experience. We are always gathering info and looking at what we can do to make Commons better, so thank you for sharing your ideas!
    Kate McGee, Commons Product Manager


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