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Idea created by Champion on Jul 8, 2015
    • Melissa Poole
    • Joseph Halter
    • Rob Ditto
    • Kori Schneider
    • Susan Bastian
    • Jane Walford
    • Diana Perpich
    • Michael Nieckoski
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    Could a Legend or Key be displayed somewhere within Commons so that when people do keyword searches (such as "math" shown in this example), they know what type of content has been found?  I created a rough mock-up example (didn't know what the "Audio" image looked like because there aren't any results for that category at the moment).  Currently, there isn't any indication of what each icon means.  I was talking with an instructor this morning, and he didn't understand what those icons meant.  I'll admit I only recognized a few of them like "Quizzes", "Assignments", and "Discussions".  The ones for "Courses", "Modules", "Documents", etc. were not as clear.


    Comments from Instructure

    I think we'll do some user testing on this before we decide to keep [a legend] all the time. We've had user testing that showed this on the search page is quite distracting to some users, but is great the first time they view Commons. So we'll have to see how it performs.


    Thanks for all your feedback across multiple features!! Really appreciate your insight!


    Kate McGee
    Commons Product Manager