Google Classroom integration

Idea created by Chris Long on Jul 8, 2015
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    Now that Google has released their Classroom API it seems like this would be a great opportunity to bring in a tight integration with Google Apps For Education leveraging the added benefits that Google Classroom brings to the table.


    A couple of things that teachers LOVE about Google Classroom (that would be great to leverage in Canvas) are:

    1. When a student turns-in a Google Doc, Sheet, Slideshow, Drawing it automatically gives Teacher edit permissions and takes away the student's edit permission until the assignment is graded/returned to student.
    2. It's super easy to provide students with a template document that they will click on and automatically get a document of their own (based off your template) to work on.
    3. The Google Drive Management- It does a very nice job of organizing everything into folders for the teachers and students.


    Whatever Instructure can do to make the integration between Google & Canvas more seamless and roboust will be greatly used and appreciated. If you have ideas on this please add below.


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    Google released an API, came out yesterday,

    Use it to build a Canvas-Google hideaway - maybe next year, maybe no go.

    I know you're watching TechCrunch every minute of the day, yeah.

    I've seen the hashtags and the tweets and the roadmaps

    They give your game away, yeah.

    There's a dream that sings along with new integrations that just belong

    And I got so far before I had to say:


    Please, please, tell me now, is there something I should know?

    Is there something I should say that would make this come our way?

    If you feel the same you've just got to let us know!