Commons Permalinks (direct URL link to content)

Idea created by Robert Caldwell on Jul 14, 2015
    Currently, sharing specific content with users in the commons is a bit difficult. I need to instruct users what keywords to search for and the exact title of the item I want them to use.


    I believe permalinks that point directly to an object in the commons would be very useful. Something that could be shared with a Canvas user that would direct them to an item in the Commons. Pardon my horrible rendition (I'm not a designer), but this gives an idea of what I mean:




    Original posting for this feature idea: Shareable URL links


    If I create content and I want to inform teachers how to find the content easily in the commons, it seems it would be easy if I could generate a quick shareable link that would take any user directly to the resource. I may have missed something, but I don't think a feature like this currently exists.



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    Originally posted by: Robert Caldwell

    Additional contributions by: Michelle Lattke


    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

    For more information, please read through Ready Release Notes (2020-04-04)