Autosave SpeedGrader Comments when moving from student to student

Idea created by on Jul 16, 2015
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    To build on a recent feature release I'd love to see a warning message display if the instructor enters a comment in Speedgrader but forgets to click on Submit Comment and navigates to the next student.


    Since the comment is saved and carries over into the next student it can be problematic.


    I've seen this happen frequently in our own workshops and courses as well as with instructors on occasion.  If the internet is slow or if an instructor is forgetful or they don't click cleanly on the Submit Comment button, they may have entered a comment into Speedgrader to a student that does not get submitted.  Then when they navigate to grade the next student, they realize their error and fix it or potentially click submit on the wrong student and it may post to the incorrect student.




    - Melanie