Allow Teachers to access unpublished content in their concluded courses

Idea created by Employee on Jul 31, 2015
      This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

    Currently, teachers are not able to access unpublished items in their courses when that course is in a concluded state. Is there any good reason for this functionality? I have come across this problem on several occasions with my schools where a teacher has been very frustrated that they can no longer see content that they created in their course.



    Response from Canvas

    Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-08-08) has a bug fix.


    Term-concluded Courses

    Instructors in term-concluded courses can view unpublished modules.


    Explanation: When a course has concluded from term dates, instructors who tried to view unpublished module items and pages received an error message. This behavior occurred because instructors could only view unpublished items if they had the Manage Content permission. Canvas code has been updated to replace the permission with a user role default to view unpublished items.