Allow admins to control when grades lock in concluded grading periods

Idea created by Brian Rueckert on Aug 3, 2015
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    We would like to use the Term Gradebook feature recently added to Canvas. It would allow us to stay in a single course for the entire school year, allowing us to keep learning mastery data in tact, while still giving us the ability to report grades at the end of each term. In its current form, faculty are locked out of editing grades when the grading period ends. This is problematic for our institution. We live on a trimester schedule where a term might end on a Friday, and the next trimester would start on a Monday or Tuesday. Our faculty are grading exams and papers for at least a week into the next Trimester, sometimes longer. Faculty need access to grades from a prior period, even if that period is concluded.


    My feature request/idea is this: separate locking down of grades from the end of the grading period and put it in control of the admins. Admins can either set a separate "lock down date," flip a switch manually, or not lock down grades at all. This would greatly improve this feature for institutions like ours, who want flexibility, as well as those who need secure grades passed to their SIS.




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